Dota 2 Hero Chat Wheel: Make it Works

Dota 2 Hero Chat Wheel: Make it Works

Hero in Dota 2 already talk a lot and let’s make Dota 2 Hero Chat Wheel talk even more! Find out how to use this cool tool to bring your favourite hero’s famous lines to life.

Dota 2 Hero Chat Wheel: Let’s Talk: What is Hero Chat Wheel?

Heros in Dota 2 don’t just like to fight on the lanes; they sometimes like to talk too. The Hero Chat Wheel is full of your hero’s best lines, like a hidden treasure box. Everyone in the game can hear it, not just you. Some lines are only for your friends, while others can be heard by everyone. Get ready to laugh and sometimes get mad!

How to Get the Hero Chat Wheel Going

All players got access to Shards and Hero Levels after Valve’s Dota Plus release on October 15, 2020. You can still join the chat party even if you’re not subscribed! But know that you can only get to level five, which gives you two voice lines, if you don’t pay for a subscription. You’re just dipping your toes into the huge ocean of hero talk.

Level Up: Getting more Hero Levels

You need Hero Levels to begin your trip into the world of hero chat. It’s like a way for your hero to show off their skills. Here’s how it works: people who have a free pass can get as high as level five, but a paid membership is needed for the real fun.

How to Get to the Hero Chat Wheel, Whether You Have a Subscription

You can still join in the fun, even if you don’t have a membership. This is how to get to the Hero Chat Wheel:

  • This is where you can find the treasure guide in Dota 2.
  • In the upper left part of your screen, look for the gear icon.
  • To find the key to your hero’s chat power, scroll down to the middle part.
  • Connect the Hero Chat Wheel to any key you want (this is your hero’s secret language).
  • Press that key in the game to make the chat wheel work its magic.

Dota 2 Hero Chat Wheel: What You Get, Based on Your Level

Free players, hold on! Your peak is level five if you’re not a subscriber. Don’t worry, though; you can still show off those two great voice lines. VIP treatment, though, for subscribers, who can use all lines up to level 30. Going from a cosy cabin to a hero house is like going up a level!

Be aware that the fun comes with frustration

When you enter the world of Hero Chat Wheel, keep in mind that great power comes with big duty. People on your team might enjoy your lines, but be careful not to tilt your opponents too much. Be smart about how you use the chat wheel because it’s a battleground of words!

Finally, Hero Chat Wheel lets you use your hero’s voice in your own unique way.

Now that you know how to play Dota 2, go ahead and get the Hero Chat Wheel. There are a lot of hero lines out there for you, whether you just want to browse or sign up for a service. Remember that AGENGACOR  heroes stronger than words.